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Congratulations to all who competed this weekend in the TNT Throwdown. Everyone did so awesome! Mariah took first is womens scaled. Molly took second. Chad took third in mens RX. Natalie took second in womens RX. And I am pretty sure everyone hit PRs!

10690069_10152697159674894_5137714852936706836_n 1979194_10153240627223228_4199904463730477085_o

I can not express how proud I am of everyone this weekend. Of the people who competed, and for the people who showed up to cheer them on. All together, we are a team. A family. For those who competed this weekend for the first time, GREAT JOB! Nothing like the first time. All of you did great and showed everyone what we are all about at CrossFit Trinium. A community of friends that work hard and support each other all the time. Saturday summed up all I have ever wanted us to be as a crossfit community. Even people who weren’t there were getting play by play and chiming in on Facebook. You guys are seriously the greatest. (Our support team makes us feel like rock stars!) You know its true when people from other CrossFits come up to me and comment on it. “You have  a pretty solid crew.” “You guys always bring the most people to an event. How many spectators do you have?” “You guys have an awesome snatch.” Its great when other people are noticing. So again, thank you so much for being such and amazing community. Every event it is re-affirmed. I look forward to many more great events!


I love seeing the sea of Trinium T shirts! REPRESENT!


EMOM 7 min

5 power clean & jerk 135/95


For time:

50-calorie row
25 box jump overs, 24 / 20
25 deadlifts, 180 / 120
24 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14
25 ring dips
25 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14
25 deadlifts, 180 / 120
25 box jump overs, 24 / 20
50-calorie row

Time cap: 20 min


TNT throwdown at CrossFit Ephrata this weekend. Starts at 2 PM. Come support all who are competing. (because the number of people watching is directly related to how hard we work out)


Tabata hollow rocks

3 min paleo chair

2 min passive hang

5×5 Overhead squats

*try to add +5lbs from last time


Death by wall balls

*cap 20 min


Where were you on September 11, 2001? It’s interesting that when this question gets asked almost everyone I know, knows exactly where they were at and what they were doing when they found out about the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. (I remember I was in art class)

In honor and remembrance of that day and all those who lost their lives, todays WOD is the hero WOD “the 911″

2001m row

11 box jumps 30/24

11 thrusters 125/85

11 burpee to chest to bar pull ups

11 power cleans 175/120 

11 hand stand push ups

11 kb swings 32/24

11 toes to bars

11 deadlifts 175/120 

11 push jerks 110/75 

2001m row


I believe there are still some spots for the TNT throwdown this Saturday if you would still like to compete!


Spend 3 min in paleo chair

2 min total time passive hang


Snatch EMOM 7 min

1 power snatch, 1 snatch, 1 overhead squat

65% of 1 RM snatch


2 rounds

15 power snatches 95/65

25 bar facing burpees

200 m run

*if you scale, it should be liter weight. Meant to be quick


T-shirts and Tanks are in! If you pre-ordered one please see a coach so they can get you your shirt and check you off of the list. (what crossfitter doesn’t like apparel!?) If you did not pre-order, don’t worry, there are some extra but you have to wait until all the pre-orders get theirs.


The TNT throwdown is this Saturday at CrossFit Ephrata. I know a lot of you are participating and many for the first time! (yay! Im so excited for you!) Please come out between 2pm and 6pm to cheer and give encouragement!


Tabata Plank hold

3x max effort  strict pull ups/strict chest to bar pull-ups

*if you can do more than 8 pull-ups in a row, do chest to bar


6 min AMRAP

1 ring row

1 push up

1 kettlebell swing 24/16

2 ring row

2 pushup

2 kettlebell swing

3 ring row

3 pushup

3 kettlebell swing

*and so on and so forth adding 1 rep every time


Im back from Mexico and all scheduling is back to normal. We can now return to our regularly scheduled program. Don’t worry, the WOD is not sitting through my slide show. (although i do have some pretty banging pictures) And yes, they did have a CrossFit in Mexico in Playa Del Carmen! I saw it twice as I drove by it in an air conditioned bus! Most of the working out I did was hauling luggage and fork curls. All in all, Im glad the box didn’t burn down! I heard many good things about the week

You know what else is back!? Extreme Endurance! Im sorry it wasn’t in before I left and you are all probably beating each other up for any tabs you can get. But never fear! You can pick them up today! You may also pre-order if you need to for future product.


Also a huge congratulations to Richard and Mike and their team for taking 2nd place at Wodmania on Sunday! Way to represent! (who is that midget in pink?) Another successful day in the books. Shows that hard work and dedication pays off. As always a huge thank you to everyone who came out to cheer on and support the CFT crew! Always push harder when all of you are yelling at us! (not like you like to see us in pain and agony for revenge or anything)


Front squat

5×5 @75% of 1 RM


10 Squat Clean thrusters 115/95

50 sit ups

50 double unders

10 squat clean thrusters

40 sit ups

40 double unders

10 squat clean thrusters

30 sit ups

30 double unders



This week there is a modified schedule. Please see below for changes in class times

*ALSO NOTE! Monday: 9am and 5pm class ONLY!

Changes to:

7AM class – no change

9AM class – no class on Tuesday and Thursday

12 – noon classes are canceled all next week

5PM – no 5PM on Wednesday

6PM – No changes

Lite/Foundations – No changes

If there are any changes they will be posted on the crossfit trinium facebook page by a coach.

There will also be no WODs posted here from day to day. (OH MY DEAR LORD NO!!!!!! WHAT WILL YOU DO!?) Don’t worry, I know some of you go to the ends of the earth to find out what the workout is. I could TRY to hide it and you would still find it!


I am off to Mexico until next week! (it really feels like I am leaving all my children home alone for the first time. DONT BURN DOWN THE HOUSE!) You are all in very capable hands. Lift heavy, drink FitAid, and have fun! I’ll see you when I get back!



Pendlay row



30 20 10

Wall balls

Ring row

Box jump


FitAid is now available at the box! Just like the Kill Cliff before, they are available for $3. We are bringing FitAid to the box because we believe it is a healthier product with more benefits. Always trying to bring you the best stuff! FitAid is great for pre-workout, during, or post. (it also doesn’t leave a weird after taste in your mouth) I use it myself as a during, or immediately after a crazy hard WOD. If you like what FitAid does for you, you may also purchase a case of 24 from us for just $55. I keep some at home myself so I can drink it on the way to the box. Its also much healthier for you than red bull or monster. And if Dan Baily is behind it, it must be good! He is a games athlete! (ok… so just try it for yourself and see if you like it. Don’t take HIS word for it!)


Hollow rock tabata

Skill of choice


*use about 65% of your 1RM

15 min AMRAP

1 mile run cash in

-then in remaining time-

2 Cleans

2 Handstand Pushups

4 Cleans

4 Handstand pushups

6 Cleans

6 Handstand pushups

*full clean!!!! (shouldn’t have to say that but I will)

*add 2 reps each set

*if you do not have HSPU, sub with ring dips. If thats not available, normal pushups

*Have a FitAid!

*no really, you may need it


3 min in paleo chair

2 min accumulated hang. active position (hollow, shoulders activated)


5×3 @ 75%


8 min AMRAP

5 overhead squats

10 Bar facing burpees

20 double unders



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