Pullups, Kipping, butterfly

Work on negative pullups if you need to build strength.  Should be able to do strict before kipping.

take a moment to watch this great pullup video by Again Faster and CF New England

OR this sexier one with Camille

(not great, but sexy)


3 rounds

21 calorie row

15 pullups

9 hang power snatch 115/75

Remember! There are olympic lifting classes on Saturday mornings at 11:30 with Kyle Obrien. $20 a month gets you access to this very focused class. Why should you take it? Kyle is just one of the best at coaching these lifts. Ask Molly, Carl, or Brandon who take it regularly. Even Rich gets pointers from him. I challenge you to take it for a month and see what kind of improvements you can make! If nothing else, you get more efficient at lifts for 4 weeks and $5/class. Seriously! Check it out!


Hollow rock tabata

*make this connection to toes to bar/knees to elbow

5×3 push jerk @ 70%

*from rack


5 min AMRAP

7 Overhead squats 115/95

7 toes to bar

-Rest 5 min-

5 min AMRAP

5 thrusters 115/95

5 lateral burpees

We are getting a snazzy new website! Can’t wait to show it to you. However, this may require this website to be down at certain times. If ghats the case, check the athletes page. Or (this is even better) just go in!

Today will be a slight rest day. But as always, you can make it as hard as you want by just going faster!



3×5@ 70%


Double tabata sets

Med ball clean / Burpees

-2 min rest-

Ring rows / sit ups

* 20 sec on 10 sec off each double station for 16 rounds total. Flip flop between each movement each 20 second set.

7 min EMOM


5 reps +1 jerk

50 55 60 65%

3 reps + 1 jerk

70 75 80%


9 min AMRAP

5 power clean 135/95

10 pushup

15 air squat



Our sister gym, CrossFit First Law in Elizabethtown, will be running WODs the first week in February and will be grand opening on February 7th from 10am-2pm! Please come out to support our sister gym, and welcome them as new family members! If you know anyone in Elizabethtown, let them know!

“I belong to Trinium, can I sometimes go to First Law for a workout?” YES! If you have Unlimited CrosFit at Trinium, you may go back and forth between gyms as you like. Maybe you are in in Elizabethtown one day and you want to check out a WOD. Thats fine! The same coaching style will be at both gyms!

And to keep things consistent, the coaches from both Trinium and First Law get together on a monthly basis to review lifts and form, talk shop, continue our education and share out knowledge. (coaches coaching coaches) We all can learn from each other. This ensures that you, as a member, will get the same quality of coaching no matter the coach or WOD you attend.


EMOM 7 min Snatches

5 @

50, 55, 60, 65 %


70, 75, 80%

*touch and go for as long as possible. As always, we are looking for that FORM over SPEED! We would MUCH rather you get it right with less reps than do it wrong!


3 rounds

40 double unders

20 Lunge steps with kettle bell 24/16

10 Toes to bar


3x Max effort chin ups

3x 10 (or max effort) dips


Death by Squat Clean thrusters


Min 1 : 1 rep

Min 2 : 2 rep

min 3 : 3 Rep

until you cant keep up with the clock


1. 1000m row

2. Max effort pushups (at least 25)

working on form and pace


Congratulations to Coach Rich and Team Mil-Spec for taking first place in Team Grit this weekend! #earnyourstrength pays off! Next stop regionals?


1 RM Front Squat

*no more than 20 min


“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:

1 min for max reps of Wall Balls, 20/14

1 min for max reps of Sumo Dead High Pulls, 32/24kg

1 min for max reps of Box Jumps, 24/16

1 min for max reps of Push Press, 75/55

1 min for max cals of Rowing

1 min rest

*continuous running clock

*score is total reps over all 3 rounds


Cleans 7 min EMOM

50, 55%, 60% 65% X 5 REPS

70 %75% 80% X3 REPS

*power or full


“Lanco open week 2″

10 min to get as far as possible

30 snatch 75/45

30 toes to bar

20 snatch 95/65

20 chest to bar pullup

10 Snatches

Ring muscle up in remaining time

* we realize many people will not be doing muscle ups. Do muscle up progression on rings (pull through to dip) or just do dips.

$ Cash out $

5 min of jumping rope or rowing at medium high intensity

*single or double, keep pace fast but even

*keep a good pace on the rower. It’s not a cool down!



Hollow Rock Tabata

3×8 Kettlebell Turkish get ups


8 min AMRAP

12 Lateral burpees

12 Thrusters 95/65

24 sit ups


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