Bent row

3 rounds
7 power clean 155/105
14 pullup
200 m run

Today is the re-test day (or maybe 1st test day) for Karen and our Xendurance challenge! (I know you are all super excited!) I hope you all have been taking your extreme endurance! I have and I feel a considerable difference! I have been able to do things in this past week that I haven’t been able to do for a while! (or at least as hard) So fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen! You have a second date with Karen! (maybe we will make it to second base?)

Heather will be back at the 5 and 6pm classes with more samples of the products! If you didn’t get a chance last week to get a sample pack and a t-shirt, try and get to the evening classes. If you would like to try some but will not be able to get there, please get in contact with me or a coach. $5 for sample packets of extreme endurance (includes t-shirt). We will also be stocking the products. Extreme endurance will be $45, hydro x will be $25, and the protein will be $60. This is all high quality stuff and we believe in it as coaches and athletes. If you are looking for a wod supplement, hydration, or a protein we highly recommend these. They are clean and non stimulants. Hydro and the protein can be used as a pre-workout (if you don’t understand how, please ask and we will explain it to you with science!)

In all honesty, Im sure some of you are not looking forward to Karen (shock!). But try and see if you can feel a difference this week over last week. Its not that you wont feel any burn, but you should feel better about it and less fatigued throughout the wod. (this is, of course, assuming you have taken your extreme endurance the whole week. If you haven’t, then this experiment may not go so well….)

If you need to make up any maxes from the past weeks please try and get them. We saw some awesome PRs this time around! Whatever we are doing seems to be working! (hmmmm) congratulations everyone!




150 wallballs for time 20/14

Nice work on all the olympic lifting yesterday everyone! Lots of good looking form and many PRs to go around! That was the end of our re-testing for the lifts. If you don’t have any of the major ones yet please talk to one of the coaches and try to make it up. We will need them for percentages for the next 3 months.

Im sure all of you are feeling great by now from Karen on Monday. I hope you have been taking your extreme endurance! Today, the wod will test you to see if maybe its starting to work. (I know it is for me) I want you to try and be conscious of how you are feeling during the wod… not just on the suck



3×5 body levers

3XM.E. chin ups


row 1000m

100 double unders

run 1 mile

Like I said, if you have been taking your extreme endurance since monday you should feel a difference by now. I know some of you have already told me you feel better during the wods…. not that they are not hard, but they just suck less. Try and see during this cardio wod if you feel like you can push a little harder!


Today we test our last set of maxes! This will round out our 3 month re-test and you should have percentages to work off of for the next 3 months. If you missed something, ask a coach when you can come in to make it up!

Olympic total

20 min to establish a 1 RM snatch

20 min to establish a 1 RM Clean and Jerk

*late update. There will be no 9 am class today due to unexpected circumstances.  At ho.e wod= tabata plabk, side lunges, pushup, sit up

Hope everyone has been taking their extreme endurance! I know some of you are feeling your legs today (i know some of you are feeling it more because you did extra work). If you did not get a chance to try the Karen challenge, Heather will be back next week with more samples and t-shirts! $5 gets you a one week sample pack of extreme endurance and a t shirt! If nothing else, thats a $5 t shirt! See me if you are interested. If you cant make the class ill make sure you get your packet and your t-shirt.


Turkish get ups




20 on/ 10 off 8 rounds

Ring rows

ice skaters

push ups

sit ups

* you will have extra time today! Use it to mobilize (I’m sure your legs would love it) We have mobility posters hanging in the back if you are unsure how to stretch out! (seriously… some people haven’t seen them? How can you miss them? They are right there!)

Better bet we are touching barbells tomorrow!

Tabata hollow rocks

Pendlay row 5×5

3 rounds
Row 400m
21 kettle bell swing
12 chest to bar pullup



Congratulations to coach Rich who took 1st place at battle of the beach this weekend! And no, he didn’t lose a shoe… he sprained his ankle falling from a rope. Dont worry, hes ok. He had the first place spot secured way before that happened! If you see him hobbling around thats why. He probably wont be demoing any squats for a while. Also congratulations to coach Mike who took 5th! Great job guys! Love having coaches that work hard, love the sport, and practice what they preach.




150 wall balls for time

On the bright side… Xendurance will be here at the 5 and 6pm classes to sample their products! We will be trying their hydro x, their whey protein, and (the reason why we are doing Karen) the Xtreme endurance! We are doing their Karen challenge. Here is how it works. Do Karen, take x endurance for a week, re test and see how you feel! I personally love this product and I hope you will too. To take place in the challenge you will need to purchase their sample pack of xtreme endurance for $5 so please bring cash. I am excited for you guys to give this a try. I hope you will like it as much as I do. We will be having it at the box for purchase after you try it out! I personally feel it makes a large difference in my workouts. It lets me push past that lactic acid burn especially on wods like Karen. So, if you can, please try and make the 5 or 6 pm wods tonight. If you can’t, you will still have a chance to try out the product (dont worry)

Remember! Xendurance will be at the box Monday evening at 5 and 6pm to sample products! Bring 5$ for trial packets!


^that is the 25% off code for Hylete! Click on the banner to the right to link to the page and get some awesome apparel! When you make an account, this gives you 45%off your first order.

We are continuing to re-test all the major things. This ensures we have accurate percentages for you to go off of when we do our strength work! This lets us get you stronger.

Dont forget on Saturdays at 11:15 am we have an Olympic class with Kyle Obrien. This class is a must especially if you want to compete in crossFit. It is well worth the $20/month. See one of the coaches to join up!


1 RM Front Squat


12 min AMRAP

20 lunge steps w/ kettle bells 24/16

30 double unders

200 m run

Find 1 RM bench press

15 12 9 6
Power Snatch 115/75
Ring rows

You will most likely have extra time after this wod. I want you to use it stretching and mobilizing


Next Monday, the 14th, Xendurance will be coming to the box to give a product demo! They will only be at the 5pm and 6pm classes. Don’t worry, if you aren’t at these classes you will still get a chance to try the products. We will be sampling their protein, the hydro x, and the extreme endurance. You know we would be asking them to come if we didn’t love this product. I have tried it out and the results I had from it were just awesome! Mostly, somewhere in my workout, I start to get lactic acid burn. My muscles just start getting tired. When I was taking the extreme endurance I found I could go much longer in my workouts before this happened. This meant I could hit a WOD much harder without that general fatigue setting in. Did this stop it completely, no. Did it push it off so I could get done faster and lift more, yes! I love the extreme endurance and it is kinda hard to explain. So… thats why we want you to try it!

Here is whats happening. We will be doing a challenge workout that will test the boundaries of your lactic acid threshold (it may or may not be Karen) (it is). You will take note of how you feel (I’m sure you remember from last time), write your time down, and such. Xendurance will then be selling travel packets of extreme endurance for $5 (its like a week or two supply) Take it every day until it is done and then we will try Karen again. Hopefully you will see the results I had and will love this product as much as I do.

So, to review. Come do Karen at 5 or 6 next monday. Get X endurance for $5 (great price). Retest Karen and see the results.

On the serious note, I was skeptical about this product at first. Then I tried it. I would not be asking them to come to the box if I didnt think this could make a great difference in your daily workout routine. You would see results not only in your workouts but your running, cycling, rucking, PT tests, swimming, hiking, all various things that you like to do other than just WOD. Please try and be here next Monday! We are really excited. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If nothing else, don’t have a grande iced mocha this week and use that $5 for this challenge!


Body Leavers



1 min stations

3 rounds

Box jumps


Kettlebell swings

Row for cal

$cash out$

3 min max effort double unders




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