Due to reports and watching an accident happen outside my apartment we are canceling the noon class. Stay tuned for updates on the 5 and 6.

Snow schedule for the season is like this. If Hempfield school district has a 2 hour delay, the 7am is canceled. If school is canceled, the 7 and 9 will be canceled. Obviously this will be on a day by day basis, but this will be relatively what we will use for the snow season. Posts will be on the Facebook page, and here on the main website.

Thursday and Friday there will be 1 wod at 10am. Earn your thanksgiving!


5×5 Pendlay row. Try to use more weight than last time.

3x 10 G.H. extension


12 min AMRAP

3 box jump

12 pullup

15 kettle bell swings 24/16


REMEMBER! We are collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Lancaster Food Bank! Please bring one (or more) in this week!

Hollow rock Tabata


10 min to establish a heavy single Snatch

then 2 sets of as many as you can touch and go power snatch at 65%


6 min AMRAP

2 jerks 135/85

2 toes to bar

4 jerks

4 toes to bar

*adding 2 reps every round

Schedule for the holiday.

Thursday and Friday 10 am classes only

Friday we will be running 1 WOD at 10 am. It will be…. THE DECK OF DEATH! Everyone is welcome on 1 condition! Bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to our local food bank. Please bring your friends and family! (It is a new person “friendly” WOD) Or join us if you are from another box! We would love to have you. Come out and work off that turkey and help out those less fortunate. We will also be taking donations all week, not just Friday.

Front squatsĀ 



100 double unders

80 wall balls

60 push ups

40 ring rows

20 calorie row


Death by cleans 115/80




Double unders/sit ups

*between each set, do 5 strict pullups


Just think… tomorrow wont be cardio!


30 min EMOM

Even:15 burpees

Odd: 15 cal row


Bent row 5×5

3x 10 GHD hip extension


10 min AMRAP

50 Wallballs, 20/14

40 Toes-to-Bar

30 pushup

20 deadlifts 135/95

10 Snatches, 135/95


We are selling “Tired 12″ t-shirts for only $5. Lots of sizes left. All money from these t-shirt sales will go to the children’s miracle network. So, if you don’t have one… $5 T shirt to help out the kids!


Back Squat

5×5@ 70%


4 rounds

5 Power Clean and jerks 135/95

10 box jumps 24/20


Run a mile? Run a 5k? I can just hear all the “WHY WHY WHY!!!!???? Running is the devil and when we do it God will kill Brandon’s new puppy!”

Now imagine running for 24 hours. Crazy right? Well, thats what Ken did this weekend. He ran a 24 hour Spartan race in Las Vegas. Yes, very crazy. However, mad props though! Ken started with us to train for races like this and, so he has told me, CrossFit has helped him tremendously physically and mentally. Way to go Ken! Glad you did this amazing (and long) race. Shows that willpower and determination go a very long way!


Text from Ken. “Did my best. 30 miles. Now in a warm sleeping bag. Insane night, obstacles were crazy. 70 mile an hour winds, dust storm and a 35 foot cliff jump each lap.”

So… when you are doing thrusters today remember, things could be worse.


-Accumulate 2 minutes passive hang

-3×10 back extension on GHD

-Work on double unders


row 800m

-take 4 minute rest-

30 thrusters 135/95

100 double unders


Snatch complex

Snatch, hang snatch, OH squat

Work up to a heavy



Power snatch 115/80

Toes to bar

Box jump 24/20


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