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Lift heavy day! (so you can pretend you’re a zombie for Halloween!)



Front squat 3×3 @80%



5 rounds

Max effort bench press *men= body weight. Women= .70%

Max effort pull ups

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4x 40 second hollow hold – 20 second break

 10 min skill: Kipping pullups


3 rounds

1 minute stations

jump lunges


sit ups

kettlebell swings

med ball cleans 20/14

row for cal


In power lifts, sometimes its more beneficial to be less loose. In olympic lifts, it is not the case. Spend lots of time on the foam roller and on the bands today! Speed and mobility are the name of the game in the two lifts you will be doing today! They are both power, so spend lots of time mobilizing that shoulder capsule!!!!



3 min x7 power cleans @ 50% (t&g if possible)

3 min X 5 @ 65%

3 min X 3 @ 75-80%



3 Power snatch 135/95

20 Double unders

-rest 3 min-


4 power snatch 115/80

20 double unders

-rest 4 min-

5 min AMRAP

5 power snatch 95/65

20 Double unders

Tabata plank hold


Press 5×5 @ 65%



Thrusters 95/65

Bar facing Burpees

*be glad it’s not 14.5!

If you did not pre-order a hoodie, they are now available for purchase! We have a bunch left but sizes are limited. Dont miss out on your chance to get this awesome customized hylete hoodie for $65.

Today we will be doing the WOD from CrossFit Hershey’s upcoming event “Lift for Liz.” It is a fundraiser to help Liz Custer in her fight against cancer. This is a local person in need of help. $40 gets you and entry into the event and a T-shirt. November 8th, 9-12. Use the link to sign up!


20 min to Work up to a heavy triple overhead squat


10 minute AMRAP:

40 cal Row

30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14#)

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)

10 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95#)

Today is Josh’s last day at CFT before he goes off to basic for the Marines. (Ok, actually is last last day is Saturday) I will be sad to see him go. He is one of the faces I look forward to seeing every day in ghat crazy bunch of people that call noon their class. Good luck Josh! We are proud of how far you have come and proud that you are going to serve our country. We will be looking forward to seeing you when you get back! (And the hoodies came just in time!)

I asked josh what he wanted to do for his farewell wod. He said “I don’t know… some 20 min AMRAP with all body weight movements. And no wall balls!” So… here we go!


20 min AMRAP

Cash in: run 1 mile

Remaining time AMRAP of

50 air squats

40 pushup

30 sit up

20 box jump

10 strict pullups


Congratulations to Rebeca for officially becoming an L1 CrossFit Coach! You may see her around the box giving some cues and helping out with the WODs. (This is to let you know she just didn’t go power crazy!) So excited to bring her onto our coaching team! She will probably be sporting one of her crazy nerdy T-shirts like Jaws or Star Wars.

I love this picture of her! I could have posted something totally bad ass, but this picture to me reflects her personality. Always smiles. Always having fun. Welcome Rebeca!


3xME chin ups

3×5 body leavers


5 rounds

6 push press 115/80

12 ring rows

18 front rack lunges 115/80

2 min accumulated passive hang


Work to a heavy triple jerk. Split or push.

Split jerk should move more weight…. just saying.


8 min AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12…..

Power clean

Calorie row

Score is total reps. 1 cal = 1 rep

Please nominate me (Chad) for Hylete’s coach of the year! Follow the link and fill out the survey! If I win, we get $500 of gym equipment! Ill also get to get a specialization credential class. That means more fun stuff for you guys to do! (or be tortured by me)

Please take a moment and follow the link


Front squat



3 rounds

21 Wallballs 20/14

12 Handstand pushups

7 Deadlift 245/155

*if you are not doing HSPU, x2 hand release pushups


Congratulations Heather and Terry for participating in your first competition! They both competed in the Mountain Melee this weekend. They both put in hard work to prepare for this and did great. And look! Proof that Terry CAN get to full extension! Great job guys! Looking forward to the next one?????



Hollow Rock Tabata

3×6 Turkish get up


Death by overhead squats and toes to bar

*add 3 reps every minute to each movement.

3 Overhead squat 95

3 Toes to bar

6 Overhead squat 115/80

6 Toes to bar

9 Overhead squat

9Toes to bar

and so on…

*max 10 minutes


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