There will be no 5pm WOD today. There will be a 6pm (thanks Steph!) Some of you are heading up to CrossFit Gamma to participate in the barbells for boobs fundraiser! (awesome!) If you are not participating… go show some support for your fellows and a great cause! If you don’t know, barbells for boobs is a fundraiser to support breast cancer research. And, you will also be doing “Grace”. Have fun everyone who is participating! If you have time, please come out! (google “crossfit Gamma”) They are a great box and support us in many things and we are very happy to return the favor.


Snatch Warmup

3 minute paleo chair

2 attempts at a max effort handstand hold


2 min accumulated passive hang (if you cant get upside down or are not there just yet)

6 min EMOM

5 snatch (power or full. Your choice today) 135/75


25 burpees

25 power cleans 135/95

25 burpees

EMOM 7 Wallballs

*every minute you do not complete this WOD, on the top of the minute preform 7 wall balls then continue from where you left off.


5×5 bent row


3 rounds

 3 min AMRAP with 2 min break between each round

Row 200 m

20 double unders

After the 3 rounds are complete rest 2 min the max effort strict chest to bar pullup rest 1 min then max effort kipping chest to bar. If you can’t kip do 2 sets of strict

No… the workout is not “upside down Karen” (but it should be!)

It has been three months so it is time to test our NEW MAXES!


For many of us this is the best time of the year! (or every three months) (unless those choices this weekend will be catching up) We have been lifting with these numbers for about three months now and it is time to get new percentages to work with. This makes sure that when we are lifting or working out, we are always working in the right direction and getting stronger. This is also why a good program works! In the next 2 weeks we will be finding new maxes for all the major lifts. If you are new(ish) and don’t have numbers, this is your chance to get them! Remember, big lifts are great and generally make you feel good… unless your form sucks and your back gives out (that does not make you feel good). Push those numbers but lets make sure we are doing it with good form. We re-enforce it with your guys all the time and even at heavier loads we see good form. Push it, but just not to THAT point. (We don’t want to be making fun of your Facebook post later). And remember, PR stands for “Personal” Record. Don’t worry about what anyone else does or gets. You are working on you! As long as you get a PR or very near, YOU SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF THAT! And, if you don’t, don’t be discouraged. Lots of factors contribute to any given day of lifting. (But seriously, go hard! Youll crush that Shi… stuff)

So belt up buttercup! Its time to move some big weight!

*also, some general announcements. Wednesday is Barbells for Boobs at CrossFit Gamma. We have many people participating so please go up and cheer on like we are so well known for! Because of this, at the moment there will be no 5 or 6pm wod on Wednesday. 2nd, OPEN HOUSE IS THIS SATURDAY FROM 10AM-2PM. Let everyone you know know! (seriously, you have Facebook… its a great tool) October is FREE for anyone who has not been a member of Trinium. Now they have no excuses! (im sure they will find some) Try and bring them to the open house so they can experience our family and a free workout!*

CrossFit Total

Max Back squat

Max Strict Press

Max Dead lift

*no more than 20 minutes per lift! No more than 3 misses!

Don’t take mobility and stretching lightly guys! Tightness in muscles can lead to some serious biomechanics issues down the road. If your muscles are tight and you go to lift, a whole lot of bad things could happen. Too often I see people not warming up or cooling down. Don’t just come and sit on the foam roller and pretend like you are doing something! Think of what muscles are going to be used in the workout today. The coaches always give suggested stretches, and then we go through a dynamic warm up. But you can always think to yourself “when I do this lift, what part of my body is restricted/being used the most?” Today, that answer would be the hamstring/hip. Foam rolling is good, but I find for the hamstring it really doesnt cut it. So, lets think about the hamstrings for a second. They are a primary mover of hip extension (clean and dead lift). So, we want to stretch those hamstrings with a band on the rig, or even on the floor. After that we can think they effect the hip so I am probably doing to do a pidgin stretch or maybe a couch stretch to losen up some of the other muscles around the joint. A lacrosse ball wouldnt be a bad idea either. I find sitting on a box and rolling on on my hamstrings is much more effective than the roller. If you are really confused, look at our posters in the back. They even say the exercises on them. Match them up with the workout and pick some and LIKE MAGIC! You will move a little better.

One more side note. Just stretching for a couple minutes in the gym just wont do it. Warming up and cooling down are great but you really need to be stretching more throughout the day. Sit on the floor at home while you are watching TV and do some stretching. Just the basic ones are fine! Touch your toes, quad stretch, down dog, all are good options. Just stretching in the gym is not the best way to go for long term health. If you are really in it, purchase a foam roller and a LAX ball and go for that full myofacial release (loosen those tight muscles). Mobility = life! Even if you don’t feel it now, you will want to start on the road to prevention. One day, you may wake up old and not be able to move. That = nursing home. Loss of independence. Pretty much life is over. Do yourself a favor and MOBILIZE! (and no… none of you “old” people are there yet. Don’t get there!)


Clean complex

Power clean, clean, jerk

*20 minutes to work to a heavy single for the day


Row 1000 m

5 rounds

5 deadlifts 185/125

10 pushups

15 wallballs

Some of you may have heard and yes it is true.


Here is the post/advertisement:

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At Crossfit Trinium we have a low student-trainer ratio that ensures personalized and necessary attention to each and every person as they work hard to improve their strength, stamina, and health. We are result driven and goal-oriented. We emphasize proper movement, safety, and constant self-improvement. In this month you will see what a difference the right gym can make!

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Don’t forget to come out to our open house on October 4th from 10am to 2pm! If you have any questions, please message us or visit crossfittrinium.com.

Feel free to share, copy and paste, or go to the facebook page and share it there! We want to show everyone why CrossFit and CrossFit Trinium are the way to go. We know you know it. Now its time to share it with everyone! Those people who have been using excuses… well… now they have none! Bring them in to the open house on the 4th for a free workout and to sign up for their FREE MONTH! We know when you try CrossFit you love it!

(maybe not this WOD though)



Tabata Hollow rock *but worse* (Mack will enjoy this)

Tabata hollow rock, hold plank for the next ten seconds

*20 hollow rock, 10 plank x8

Pendlay Row 5×5

*try and add 5lbs


7 min AMRAP

3 Power Snatch 95/65

3 toes to bar

6 power snatch

6 toes to bar

9, 12, 15, and so on

*increase reps by 3 every round

*the snatches are light weight so if you scale keep that in mind. I also want you to focus on the form, even though they are not heavy. That includes picking it up AND cycling reps (putting it down)

There is a membership survey on the front desk. Please take on and fill it out! You may be anonymous if you would like, but I would prefer you put your name on it seeing as there is a goals section. Dont worry, you wont offend me or anyone else with anything you say so please be truthful. The only person that will be reading them is me


Back squat




Thrusters 115/95

in between each set, run 200 m



10 min to work on skill of choice

*make it one you actually need to work on, not one you are good at. No barbell



20 on 10 off

Ice skaters


kettlebell swings

double unders

*sweat is fat crying

FullSizeRender IMG956168

Congratulations to Brandon who took 1st place in his weight class at the white rose barbell novice olympic meet on sunday! He hit 225 Snatch and went for a 297 Clean and Jerk and Just barely missed it. We are truly proud of you Brandon! You have put in a lot of hard work in the past couple months and come very far. Your love for Olympic lifting is apparent. We cant wait to see you in the American open someday! (right!?) LIFT ALL THE THINGS!


As always, we had the biggest support crew of the day! The best quote was “Did you bring your whole gym? Thats not fair!” Haha. Love hearing things like that. People are starting to understand we are a CREW. Even if its just 1 person participating in an oly meet in York. I can never thank you guys enough for the support you bring. Brandon felt that in full force yesterday

And on another note (really a rant)… even though this was a Olympic meet there were so many crossfitters in it. This is a good and a bad thing from my observation (and dont get me wrong, I am by no means an “olympic weight lifter”). Good thing – lots of exposure for crossfit and oly lifting. Showing the merging of the two and how many people are now understanding what real olympic lifting is. (it doesn’t just happen every 4 years or just in Russia) Bad thing – THOSE POWER SNATCHES AND C&Js! So many people that I watched were so slow under the bar and were so much more comfortable muscling everything! So many failed lifts I saw could have esily been achieved if there was SPEED UNDER the barbell! It may be the curse of the cross fitters. Speed = power and weight moved. Especially under the barbell. I think lots of crossfitters are more comfortable muscling it that using a drop under. This limits the lift SO much and limits power output. You’ll never be able to press as much as you can jerk! (hopefully). In a nut shell, understand that the quicker you get under a weight the more you will lift. Press = hard. Jerk = not as hard. The weight will not drop on you! Get over it! So today in the strength and the wod lets work on speed under the bar. Not brute strength. (although, it can help.)


3 min paleo chair

2 min passive hang


5×3 @ 65%


8 min AMRAP

3 cleans 185/95

10 box jumps

12 pull ups (chest to bar)




60% 1×2, 65% 1×2, 70% 4×2

*try to hold on. If you must drop it, get set up and back on without pause



5 rounds

run 400m

15 Overhead Squats 95/65

Hollow rock tabata

Bent row 5×5


Run 400 m

20 toes to bar

Run 400 m

40 kettle bell swing 24/16

Run 400 m

60 sit ups


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