Our goal for July was to add 8 new members to our community. We currently have 6 new members! We are so so close to our goal of 8! All of you are our best advertisement. Word of mouth! Please help us reach this goal of 8 new members! I know its close to the end of the month, but I believe we can do it! Today, do me a favor and talk to 1 person about CrossFit and our box. Its not that hard! Im sure you know someone! Then invite them for a free class with us! Tell them you will go with them and show them the ropes! The hardest part of any new member is just getting them in. After that, they love us! All of you were there! So, let do it! Talk to someone today and lets get 2 new people by the end of this week!


Snatch complex

7X 1 snatch grip deadlift, 1 snatch, 2 over head squats



3 Rounds

250 m row

20 burpees

25 kettlebell swings

200 m run


Congratulations to Rich Froning and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet for their win in the 2014 CrossFit games! Hard work and extreme dedication pays off! I am extra happy that, Xendurance athlete, Camille won her first ever CrossFit games. You know we love that stuff as much as she does!

Rich Froning wins the CrossFit games for the 4th time in a row! Unreal. I really thought there was a chance someone would beat him. I think he had to work hard for it this year. There were some ups and downs but in the end he proves that no one can out work him. Truly a great way to go into retirement from the individual competition. I think we will see an amazing team out of CrossFit Mayhem next year.

Speaking of teams, congratulations to CrossFit Invictus for taking the number one spot in the team competition! Dang that stuff looked hard! Did you see “Frantasy land” with that big Bob sled!? Looked nuts! If you didn’t see it, Youtube that stuff right now!

It just blows my mind the amount of athleticism out of those people. To be able to do all of those workouts in one weekend is just incredible. When someone says “I beat so and so on workout #6.”… no… you did it fresh. That was their 6th workout of the weekend and they were dog tired! To be able to do double Grace at the end of a weekend that would break most people… and still get a better time doing x2 Grace than most people than most people would doing x1… is just mind blowing!

And Iceland Annie smiles as always :)

I hope you got to watch the CrossFit games. It is the culmination of the sport. The thing many athletes look forward to all year. If you didn’t see what was going on please youtube it. However, while you are watching remember that what makes CrossFit so amazing is that ANYBODY can do it. Its easy to get caught up in the wod times, or what Rich Froning is doing, but remember that it is an exercise program at its core. It is designed to make you fitter, healthier, and stronger. You may not be able to do what Camille does… and thats ok! As long as you come in and give it your all every time you win 100% of the time. Remember the people you look up to all started somewhere. All you have to do is give it your best, concentrate of form, and show up the next day. Don’t get caught up in the Crossfit games… get caught up in making yourself the best you can be.

Let the training begin!


Hollow Rock Tabata

3x ME Pullups


8 min to establish a 1 RM (or just heavy) Squat Clean Thruster

*this is a strict time cap! Go as heavy as possible. It may not be a “true max”. Strict cap at 8!

rest 3 min. then


3 Thrusters @ 75% of the previous weight

Back squat 5×5 @ 65%

30 wall balls
Run 400 m
30 toes to bar
Run 400 m
30 pushup
Run 400m


Well, we already knew that when Rich Froning took 8th on the beach event he was out of everybody’s reach. #nohope Now you can take bets for 2nd place! At least we arent on a beach doing thrusters with kettlebells and such.


Hollow rock tabata


*work on wherever you are at. The motion, kip, or butterfly. If you have it down, try a max effort set!


20 Thrusters 96/65

20 Hang power cleans

20 Push Press

20 Over head squats

20 Front squats

*every time the barbell is dropped, 5 bar facing burpees



There have been many upsets this year on the road to the games. Of course Rich Froning made it. However, Sam Brigs (last years female champ) did not. Annie Thorisdottir is back! (two time champ from previous crossfit games). However! (again) the big buz is Camille Leblanc Bazinet who is going to give Annie a run for her money. We all know Rich Froning is going to win. He’s a freak! So the girls side of the CrossFit games is where its at! I predict its going to be a great year to watch! (not like it always isn’t) Truth be told… I really wanted Sam, Annie, Camille, and Stacie Tovar to throw down… but… sometimes a man can only dream *sigh*. Who do you think is going to win? Can Iceland Annie be the only woman to have a 3 sum win? (get your mind out of the gutter)

Who is going to contend with Mr. Froning this year? Jason khalipa? He seems to be the only one who has hung with him in previous years… but still hasn’t been able to take the crown. Rich says if he wins this year he is retiring from individual. (and going in as team. Just him. By himself. As a team. He could do it. #froningwinseverything) Going to be a fun week!

Live coverage of the games can be found on the link below along with the schedule for the weekend and any other info you need. We will most likely be live streaming it at the box as often as we can.



(dave castro is an evil, evil man)


*snatch warmup. If you are getting pretty good, you should be using a weighted barbell instead of a PVC pipe. 15, 35, or 45

3  position snatch (floor, hang, high hang)

60%, 65%, 70% x 4

*only do the 70% x4. use the others as warmup


“double D”




Deadlift 225/135


*do ten deadlifts, then 1 dip. do 9 deadliest, the 2 dips. Then 8/3 and so on and so forth. Last set is 1 dead lift and 10 dips

On our gym’s side of things…. the extreme endurance products went quick! We hardly have any left! (thats why I said PRE ORDER!)(I’m not kidding when I say that) If you wanted the extreme endurance or the execute and didn’t get it this time around NEVER FEAR! We will be ordering more very soon. PLEASE LET ME KNOW THAT YOU WANT SOMETHING SO I CAN ORDER IT FOR YOU! We order more than is needed… vut things always sell out quick. Let me know what you need! You all saw the benefit these high quality products can bring. A lot of you sampled the extreme endurance and I will tell you the execute and the hydro x will bring you similar results. Quality products = quality training.


Bent row

3 rounds
7 power clean 155/105
14 pullup
200 m run

Today is the re-test day (or maybe 1st test day) for Karen and our Xendurance challenge! (I know you are all super excited!) I hope you all have been taking your extreme endurance! I have and I feel a considerable difference! I have been able to do things in this past week that I haven’t been able to do for a while! (or at least as hard) So fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen! You have a second date with Karen! (maybe we will make it to second base?)

Heather will be back at the 5 and 6pm classes with more samples of the products! If you didn’t get a chance last week to get a sample pack and a t-shirt, try and get to the evening classes. If you would like to try some but will not be able to get there, please get in contact with me or a coach. $5 for sample packets of extreme endurance (includes t-shirt). We will also be stocking the products. Extreme endurance will be $45, hydro x will be $25, and the protein will be $60. This is all high quality stuff and we believe in it as coaches and athletes. If you are looking for a wod supplement, hydration, or a protein we highly recommend these. They are clean and non stimulants. Hydro and the protein can be used as a pre-workout (if you don’t understand how, please ask and we will explain it to you with science!)

In all honesty, Im sure some of you are not looking forward to Karen (shock!). But try and see if you can feel a difference this week over last week. Its not that you wont feel any burn, but you should feel better about it and less fatigued throughout the wod. (this is, of course, assuming you have taken your extreme endurance the whole week. If you haven’t, then this experiment may not go so well….)

If you need to make up any maxes from the past weeks please try and get them. We saw some awesome PRs this time around! Whatever we are doing seems to be working! (hmmmm) congratulations everyone!




150 wallballs for time 20/14

Nice work on all the olympic lifting yesterday everyone! Lots of good looking form and many PRs to go around! That was the end of our re-testing for the lifts. If you don’t have any of the major ones yet please talk to one of the coaches and try to make it up. We will need them for percentages for the next 3 months.

Im sure all of you are feeling great by now from Karen on Monday. I hope you have been taking your extreme endurance! Today, the wod will test you to see if maybe its starting to work. (I know it is for me) I want you to try and be conscious of how you are feeling during the wod… not just on the suck



3×5 body levers

3XM.E. chin ups


row 1000m

100 double unders

run 1 mile

Like I said, if you have been taking your extreme endurance since monday you should feel a difference by now. I know some of you have already told me you feel better during the wods…. not that they are not hard, but they just suck less. Try and see during this cardio wod if you feel like you can push a little harder!


Today we test our last set of maxes! This will round out our 3 month re-test and you should have percentages to work off of for the next 3 months. If you missed something, ask a coach when you can come in to make it up!

Olympic total

20 min to establish a 1 RM snatch

20 min to establish a 1 RM Clean and Jerk

*late update. There will be no 9 am class today due to unexpected circumstances.  At ho.e wod= tabata plabk, side lunges, pushup, sit up

Hope everyone has been taking their extreme endurance! I know some of you are feeling your legs today (i know some of you are feeling it more because you did extra work). If you did not get a chance to try the Karen challenge, Heather will be back next week with more samples and t-shirts! $5 gets you a one week sample pack of extreme endurance and a t shirt! If nothing else, thats a $5 t shirt! See me if you are interested. If you cant make the class ill make sure you get your packet and your t-shirt.


Turkish get ups




20 on/ 10 off 8 rounds

Ring rows

ice skaters

push ups

sit ups

* you will have extra time today! Use it to mobilize (I’m sure your legs would love it) We have mobility posters hanging in the back if you are unsure how to stretch out! (seriously… some people haven’t seen them? How can you miss them? They are right there!)

Better bet we are touching barbells tomorrow!


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