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Fix your hips for squatting

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Why Do My Hips Hurt When I Squat?

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Ok, Lets trouble shoot your squat…

Perfect Overhead squat form from the toes up:
1. Feet Flat – not excessively turned out
2. Knees over toes
3. Hips back with the hip crease below the top of the knee
4. Flat neutral spine
5.Upright torso
6. Externally rotated shoulders (“show your armpits”)
7. Arms locked out
8. Bar is directly over your center of mass

An overhead squat is a full body movement and requires multiple joint systems to work together to achieve perfect form. If there is a break down in any one of the 8 areas listed above, it can affect what goes on at your hips and other parts of your body. Your hips and spine are the foundation around which the rest of your body moves. Most people can’t even achieve a perfect overhead squat position without weight. When examining your overhead squat technique, start without any weight and videotape yourself from the front and the side. See if you can observe the 8 points listed above in your squat. If your missing any of the 8 points, now know where to start. Don’t get sloppy when you’re working on your squat. Use each rep to work on your proper technique throughout every work outs.

Here are tips to work on for each of the listed above areas to help perfect your squat:
-Foot – Train to maintain a short foot position (See video clip in article)
-Ankle- Mobilize it
-Knee – keep it over the toe when squatting
-Hips – strengthen and stretch the hip external rotators (glutes)

-Lumbar spine – learn to move from the hips and keep your spine in neutral during a squat
-Thoracic spine – mobilize into extension and strengthen to keep torso upright
-Shoulders- mobilize and train scapular retraction and shoulder external rotation

If you’re having hip pain during your squat, grab a coach next time you’re at the gym and ask them to watch your overhead squat for identification of areas where you might have deficits. Ask a coach if you’re unsure of ways to mobilize, fix or strengthen specific areas. Also, check out the videos and links embedded throughout the article for demonstrations and new training techniques to add to your everyday mobility and strengthening programs that address the above tips.

Don’t be afraid to click around this website. Dan Pope is a physical therapist and is also a CrossFit coach and competitor. He has some great incite and resources available on numerous topics

-Coach Brie