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How do you feel about CrossFit?

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“So, how do you feel about CrossFit?” The question I get all the time when I’m working in the Physical Therapy office. After reading this post by Robert Camacho, I realized I couldn’t word and share my views any better.

Key Points:

-Do NOT substitute heavy weight for form. You need to take care of your body. You only have one. If the form is not right, you put yourself at risk for injury and in some cases, very severe injury. In some cases your form may be keeping you from hitting higher, heavier weights. Never be afraid to ask a coach to watch your lifts and dissect your form with you. See if there is room to improve that could help protect your body from injury.

-No pain does NOT mean no gain. Part of our responsibility to ourselves is listening to our bodies. If somethings hurts (besides the normal burn in your thighs from those repetitive thrusters and wall balls), something is probably not right. Do not be afraid to let your coach know that something does not feel right or something hurts. They will be able to help steer you in the right direction and help you to avoid injury that could ultimately sit you out for an inevitably unpredictable time. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It is normally never wrong.

Enjoy this short read on some more in depths thoughts on CrossFit from a physical therapist’s stand point.