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Leave your ego at the door.

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In any sport you need confidence but not an ego. Developing an Ego in a sport such as weightlifting/ powerlifting is easy to do. Especially if you do not actively compete. This individual may walk into class or their training session everyday thinking they are the best no matter what they do. As far as they’re concerned, they cannot lose no matter where they go. They are also always right and will never listen to ways to get better, because, in their minds they are already there. This is the type of athlete that is “impossible” to coach. No matter what you say, they will always be right.  Even if the coach is actively trying to make them better so they can achieve their goals, they will not listen. Then, when faced with true competition, they will make excuses on how every other participant had the upper hand. This mentality, this ego, is unhealthy for all parties involved. There is no point in letting your ego get in the way of your goals. Hard work and dedication is the only true way to achieve anything in life. In the words of Jim Conroy, “It doesn’t matter who you are, somewhere an eight year old Chinese girl is warming up with your max.” If you follow Weightlifting, you know the Chinese are notorious for their strong athletes, they frequently go six for six, break records and don’t even bat an eye. This is because they are confident, yet humble. Every training session they listen to their coaches, they perform the hard, gut busting labor that goes into the iron sport. Then, in competition, they are met with success. At the end of the day, listen to your coaches, be realistic with your goals. Do not be afraid to put in the work to get their either. There is no glory in sessions where you miss every lift, can barely move and think about quitting. It’s simply not sexy enough. However, the road to success isn’t sexy. So leave your ego at the door and train.