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Personal Training

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There are many ways you can choose to peruse help with your fitness. Group training is a great option, but getting some one on one time with a coach can provide immense benefits. The class atmosphere can be very motivating. However, unless you are in a very small class, coaches may not be able to touch on everything or delve in to what really you could personally need. With personal training, you and your coach can work one on one to develop and work on specific things. You can take it a little slower, sped a little more time (or the entire time) working on the little things that could make a big difference. Not that you shouldn’t be working on technique in class, but in class you have a limited time due to the volume of work and the amount of people in the class. With personal training, you could take an entire hour just working on your pull for a clean and accessory, working longer on your squat mobility instead of just squatting, spending appropriate time resting between sets that work best for you. These are things that you and your coach can work one on one with. That is why its a PERSONAL trainer. Its about YOU only during PT. So if you feel you need to break down a clean a little more, want to work a little more flexibility, figure out your kipping pullups, work on muscle up technique, consider spending an hour with one of our coaches. You wont regret it.