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Fitness vs Athlete?

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I am a firm believer that the needs of many people coming in to/doing a workout program, especially for long term, are significantly different than the demands of the “sport of fitness” athletes. Our class programming is designed to help people live better lives outside of the gym, not just get better at the movements that end up in the CrossFit Games.

People seem to forget sometimes that CrossFit, at its core, is a fitness program for life. Not competitions.

CrossFit should be done because it helps you be better at other activities. Helps you look better in a bathing suit. Lets you pay with your kids (or grand kids). It should be done because it is fun to do!

I sometimes see this big diverge from what CrossFit is at its core. What its meant to be for most people. People caring too much what other people put up on the whiteboard. People caring too much about their PR lifts instead of their mobility and nutrition. People that are doing this for their health comparing themselves to the people doing this for the sport.

I see this not only in our local area… but really CrossFit as a whole.

I do hope that the CrossFIt community can get back to its original mission, while appreciating the sport as a separate (but awesome) example of what can be achieved for those who want to SPECIALIZE in it.

There is a big difference from wanting to be fit and healthy and competing in fitness. Its a fact. Sometimes those training for the sport are not actually the healthiest. They are bad ass for sure, but their needs (and goals) are different. They are often sore, fatigued, sometimes hurt (yes, training for the sport you will most likely get hurt at some point. That will be another post)

It is worth taking a step back at times and really asking yourself…. “What am I doing this for?” “What actually are my goals?” And then see how CrossFIt can help you achieve them. Talk to your coach about it. Let them help make you a plan.

CrossFit is about, in the end, living a better life OUTSIDE of the gym. Don’t worry about what happens in the gym. Worry about staying out of the hospital and nursing home